Owned by Dubai, Ethar is portrayed as Dubai’s first abstract monument of its kind that supports youth empowerment and educational initiatives by modernizing the conventional book repository with an artistic approach. It is the first architectural library that honors all Arab mentors in one place, and the first public space that is dedicated from the people of Dubai to the people of Dubai and the whole Arab culture.

Ethar’s monument-embedded encyclopedia offers descriptive and motivational information dedicated to each scholar who owns a place in this inspirational open-space. Each monument designated to a particular scholar carries a distinct QR code. This QR code is created for the curious minds and the strong-willed, to scan and view detailed information on scholars they wish to read more about.

Ethar honors all Arab leaders and pioneers who worked on making a difference in the Arab world and who managed to touch our hearts with their kindness and philanthropy. Various scholars from different categories are celebrated at Ethar, some of the categories include Arab pharmacists, inventors, philosophers, musicians, historians, and other scholars categories that are eternally appreciated and praised.