It is selflessness, generosity, and kindheartedness

Inspired by Dubai’s uniqueness and leading innovation.


Ethar, an Arabic noun; to put other people’s needs and wishes before your own. It is selflessness, generosity, and kindheartedness. It is what the Arab culture is all about. Engage people with your compassion, educate them with your benevolence, and enable them with your goodwill and kindness. Ethar is a landmark and destination that aims to boost educational support through various initiatives that encourage creativity, originality, and ingenuity. It is the voice of the people who inspire and will keep on inspiring. It is the sound of humanity, and a constant epiphany that will take you to a kinder, wiser, and inspiring future.

iconic piece of art

This iconic piece of art is a reflection of the UAE and inspired by Dubai’s uniqueness and leading innovation. Offering you a fresh concept of architecture with the purpose of encouraging people to give and care; to provide support, amplify education, and empower the youth. Ethar is the first architectural space that makes room to honor all past, present, and future Arab achievers and influential characters. The first abstract library that spreads knowledge through a sea of artwork where each monument resembles a different story, each expresses a unique purpose, and each helped shape our Arabian culture. Ethar is a gift for you, by you, and a permanent symbol for giving back to a culture that is constantly giving us.


Tour through the stories and accomplishments of all Arab legends and influencers to this date, flow between columns that connect us with our culture and educate yourself with our visual column layout that will motivate you to own your own monument one day.

Ethar is inviting the whole world to its architectural space that honors all Arabs that made a difference with their good deeds, celebrating them all in one place. To all those who explore, innovate, teach, and discover, we dedicate this place for you, a place that brings humanity and philanthropy together in its greatest forms.


In today’s world where technology is taking over and libraries are being abandoned, most people and younger generations are getting lost in between. Ethar is breaking the cycle; this historical centralized monument will shed light on the greatest intellectuals and legends of the UAE and the Arab world in literature, science, mathematics, art, music and all other celebrated achievers who made an impact and took a powerful stance that helped shape our culture and perceptions.


The open-air icon will be connecting people with different cultures, backgrounds, views, and ideas with a vast amount of knowledge in the most interesting approach. Multiple streets lead by columns radiating with inspiration; each column is dedicated to one Arab legend, leader, and influencer who committed his life to make a difference in which their philanthropy will be forever spoken about.


Ethar is the meeting point for all nationalities and cultures, whether a Dubai resident or visitor, made to be admired and shared. Youth empowerment and educational endorsements are our core goals; to influence the children of tomorrow, acknowledge the legends of today, and celebrate the phenomenons of yesterday. With its unique identity and exceptional value, Ethar is paving the way to a memorable future.

Board of Trustees

Ethar’s board of trustees spotlights pioneers who stand up for and support the significance of progressive youth in the UAE and the Arab world and guides the strategic direction of youth empowerment in the region.