Scholars names on each monument gives depth and implies strength
Ethar collaborated with OMA and Inside Outside to create an architectural icon of 1961 pillars over a surface of 24400m2. The dynamic layout featuring diverse heights of columns gradually growing as you head towards the plaza, the center of it all, and different hues and intensities of artificial light graduating from cold to warm white tones guiding visitors to the heart of the artwork creates a street-like scenario.
The Pillars

A sea of aluminum columns, fluctuating in height and size, establish a 3-dimensional scenery that drive visitors to keep going along with the flow of inspiration.

The dynamic monuments grow successively from 22 cm to 10 m in height and expand gradually from 8 cm to 27 cm in width as you approach the center of the architectural space. The triangular tip of each column indicates the direction leading towards the spacious plaza.

Scholars names on each monument gives depth and implies strength; to which a detailed description of every Arab legend is expressed.

Magnetic Field Inspiration
The design was inspired by the movement of the magnetic field; showing diffusions, deformations, yet they meet at the center. Each column’s triangular summit points out the direction towards the plaza in order to usher visitors to the core of the project.


The columns not only light up with inspiration, the embedded monument lighting generates a smooth visual flow that creates various pathways of knowledge and highlights the connection between our scholars.

Assorted light hues and intensities harmonize the view of the public artwork by progressively deviating from cold to warm white tones while gradually shifting from diffuse to sharp in potency, guiding visitors to Ethar’s column field. The combination of varying column heights and light intensities emphasizes the role of the magnetic field in this captivating design, attracting visitors to the core of the project.

Ethar’s scenic nightscape is as mesmerizing as Ethar’s purpose; artificial light waves escorting people through the street of column setting an influential ambiance and radiating with a promising vision of the future.


Ethar’s’ heart and core, the plaza, a zone in which all column pathways meet and intersect.

 The spacious plaza of 1650m2 is aiming to be the hub of celebratory events, educational programs, and cultural unity.