Support Us
It is a way to say “Thank You” to those who inspired us
Ethar is a signature landmark in Dubai, built by the people and for the people. It is a way to say “Thank You” to those who inspired us, and a way to say “We Support You” to those who will inspire us in the future; to all our fellow Arabs who dream big and aim high, to the younger generation whose future is as bright as their minds are, Ethar is for you. This abstract library is your source for motivation when you need it; educate yourself and get to know the legends that helped shape our culture, and hopefully, someday, your name will be on one of the monuments as well.

Adopt a Column

In a sea of columns, where every column represents an inspirational pioneer who contributed in forming the Arab culture we know today, where every column illuminates with the love and kindness of our people, and where every column stands tall just like we should all do. Adopt a column to be part of the infinite sea of grace, devotion, and respect. Every column holds the same value in our hearts but differs in monetary value. Depending on the pioneer the column corresponds to, you will be able to claim a column to support Ethar. Each monetary value will fund an educational project; student scholarships, building educational institutes, and more projects aimed at empowering the youth.

Give Back
to Ethar

Let’s help the younger generation reach their full potential and create memories. We aim to help people achieve their dreams and push them to realize their capabilities. Ethar will become an educational hub for Dubai and the whole world where anyone from students, teachers, pioneers and leaders to anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge and broadening their cultural education. Giving back to Ethar is giving back to an organization that will lend a hand to anyone who is willing to contribute in prioritizing education and praising its teachers, to anyone who is looking for a purpose and wants to be found, and to anyone who has idle talent that needs to be exposed. Your gift to them, no matter how small and no matter how frequent, will make a difference. Your gift will broaden their horizons and our hearts. Give back to Ethar, and Ethar will always have your back.

the Ethar Family

Ethar belongs to all of you; if you wish to join our team as a volunteer to help maximize the experience for local and international visitors, we welcome you! Help Ethar grow along with the aspirations and ambition of all who visit us. Encourage one another and help one another to reach your goals and shape your future. You should feel important, confident, and empowered to raise a bright society. Build each other up, and be witnesses on all the successes you contributed in.


We are joining forces with various youth organizations and educational institutions that share our passion and vision in paving the way for people to succeed. With their knowledge and our experience, we plan to motivate the people and serve the youth. We encourage you to contact us if you are an organization interested in partnering up, or if you know of an organization that would like to take part in Youth Empowerment.