The City of Dreams

In a world full of beautiful cities, exquisite destinations, and memorable places, each city has its own unique identity that makes it stand out. Every destination you go to leaves traces of feelings forever carved in your memory, these abstract emotions are the result of what that city gave you in terms of joy, perhaps awareness in some aspects, or new perceptions in others.

Dubai catches the eyes of its visitors and hooks the hearts of its residents with its charm and eternal charisma. “The City of Dreams” is not just a label for Dubai, but a constant goal and an everlasting vision linked to the city, its people, and its ageless inspiration. It is a sanctuary for hidden talents, blooming leaders, and flourishing businesses which also makes it the city of boundless opportunities and uplifting motivational challenges.

Barriers do not reside in Dubai, each obstacle one faces is considered a challenge to grow and aim higher. This city gives you the means to set records instead of breaking existing ones, it encourages you to build rather than revive, and applauds you for working hard on reaching your goals.

As a result of Dubai’s timeless vision and continuous influence, Ethar was born. Led and created by Dubai, Ethar invites people from around the world to engage with its unique architecture, history, and design to broaden their knowledge on the Arab world and to be motivated to follow their dreams, aspirations, and goals, knowing that someday their hard work will forever be celebrated and remembered. Through art, we communicate our inspirational and motivational message to the Ethar visitors, Dubai citizens, and future generations.